Understanding the Nigerian Power Sector and How to invest in It


Dapo Akinosun
  • Course Overview

    Power or electricity is basic and fundamental to a nation’s development. The challenges in the Nigerian power sector are complex and also provide opportunities for private investment in this sector. 

    This course provides an understanding of the Nigerian power sector and the investment opportunities in this sector.

    Narrated by: Osose Aziba

  • Cost and Duration

    Cost: ₦5,000.00

    Validity: 3 Months

  • Facilitator Profile

    Mr. Dapo Akinosun (Partner, SimmonsCooper Partners)

    Dapo Akinosun is the Managing Partner at SimmonsCooper Partners, a law firm consistently ranked in the top-tier of Nigerian firms. 

    For a quarter of a century as a lawyer, Dapo has advised several companies, governments, and non-profits. He has become considerably acquainted with relevant strategies, expertise and skills to project a balanced view of the legal spectrum. 

    Dapo has carved a niche in energy law providing guidance in many aspects of the energy and natural resources sectors. He has presented several papers and featured as panelist in the energy sector in conferences in Nigeria and across the globe. He has also published insightful articles, and is a regular guest on national television programmes, where his expert analysis and opinion is always sought.  

    As Head of Energy and Infrastructure Practice at SimmonsCooper Partners, Dapo has advised organizations who are participants at all levels of the energy sector, in ensuring optimum effectiveness in their activities and investments, as well as regulatory compliance. He has assisted these organizations in constructing compliance programs, negotiating contracts, preparing legal documentations and representation in dispute resolution where necessary.

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