What is TACORA?

What is TACORA?

The vision of TACORA is to be the “largest database of online courses and assessments for professional development in Nigeria”. In other words, TACORA is an online platform for learning what you need to advance your career, business or education, from experts who have done it themselves.

Every course on TACORA is developed by an experienced professional with a proven track record in that field and a passion for empowering others. Our focus is Nigeria – local experts teaching practical skills for success in the Nigerian environment, based on personal experience and incorporating best practices for the unique local environment.

Our courses cover a wide spectrum of professional development needs and range from Workplace Essentials (our suite of foundational courses for all professionals) to technical courses in various industries (such as Law, Insurance and Banking & Finance) to Online Assessments designed to help you effectively prepare for Professional Certifications.

If you’re a Professional looking to advance your career or an Entrepreneur looking to build critical skills for you and your team or a Candidate preparing for a professional certification or a Corporate Organization looking to develop your employees cost-effectively, then TACORA is just right for you.

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