The Team

Message from the Team

When we first set out on this journey, the goal was clear… a platform for lifelong learning that connects individuals who have expertise in their chosen fields with individuals looking to build capacity in those areas and advance themselves in career, business or education. The result is TACORA……a simple, practical and affordable platform for learning, focused on connecting Individuals and Organizations with the knowledge they need to build critical work skills, acquire industry certifications and succeed in the competitive Nigerian business environment.

Our aim with TACORA is to facilitate Nigerians empowering other Nigerians with the skills they need to become better at whatever they choose to do – career, business and academics…..and if we succeed in building the Nigeria of our dreams, so be it!!!

We hope you have as empowering and invigorating a time using TACORA as we had developing it….and use TACORA to become the best version of you.



Tosin, Eviano and the TACORA Team

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