2018 Training for Lawyers: Introduction to Oil and Gas

The Oil and Gas sector is most integral to Nigeria’s economy and is therefore a heavily regulated sector. In this detailed introductory course, several aspects of this sector will be considered, such as:

  • The nature and origin of petroleum historically and in Nigeria
  • Ownership and control of Oil and Gas
  • Participation Arrangements
  • Dispute resolution in the Oil and Gas practice

and many other topical issues in this sector.
The “Introduction to Oil and Gas Law” course on TACORA is delivered by Mr. Tolulope Aderemi, a Partner at Perchstone and Graeys (www.perchstoneandgraeys.com) law firm in Lagos.

This online course is available on TACORA (here)


  • N5,000 if purchased before May 31st (discount of 50%)
  • N10,000 regular fee (after May 31st)

Payment Information:

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Subscribers have 3 months unlimited access to the course on www.tacora.ng

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